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Real mums' and dads' birth stories

Bringing your baby into the world is truly amazing. But before you can enjoy the precious first cuddle, there’s the birth to get through. It’s natural to be scared about labour. But the hardest day of your life becomes the happiest once you’re through it – as these mums will tell you.


Was labour what they expected?


"I was exhausted but my body took over and did it for me"

Read more about Simran’s story +

"I had to have an emergency caesarean"

Read more about Janey's story +

"Labour was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding"

Read more about Lydia’s story +

"I went into hospital hoping to have a water birth"

Read more about Jenna's story +

"Just three pushes and Jada was there!"

Read more about Ibrahim’s story +
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