Do I have to buy everything new?


What to keep and re-use

Baby safety standards can change every few years and products can be recalled, so it’s always worth checking that anything you plan to use again is up to the current standard.

Re-using nursery furniture can save you a fortune! But check cribs to make sure all of the slats are present and in good condition – they should be no more than 6cm apart . It’s recommended that you buy a new mattress – make sure it fits snugly with no gaps around the edges. However, cot bumpers are not recommended for babies under 1 year.

  • It’s a good idea to buy new bottles and teats – especially if it has been a couple of years since they were last used. Bowls, beakers and cutlery can all be used again as long as there are no cracks and they’ve been sterilised thoroughly.
  • Buggies and pushchairs – check that all of the straps and brakes are working properly, and that everything is still attached to the frame where it should be. If you would like them to be checked over professionally, some mum and baby stores offer buggy servicing.
  • High chairs are fairly solid, but if you’ve had an older toddler in one, check to make sure the frame and tray are still holding strong.
  • Car seats should always meet the latest baby safety standards, which are often updated. Check yours complies and that everything is still in working order.
  • Toys, as long as they’re not broken. Wash teddies and sterilise plastic toys and rattles before giving them to your new baby.

If your nesting habits are getting the better of you, why not simply give the nursery another coat of paint to spruce it up? Just make sure the paint is low odour and safe to use in a nursery. Some new curtains and bedding or simply a new mobile can go a long way to making the second time around feel special.

Hospital bag

As good as new!

It’s always nice to spoil your child with something new and you’ll no doubt want to treat them at birthdays, Christmas and special occasions.

But if you don’t want to buy new all of the time, most toys and clothes can be handed down, as babies tend to grow out of them before they wear them out. Although most parents draw the line at putting their little boy in his big sister’s dresses(!), lots of clothes like socks and babygros can be worn by both boys and girls.

If you do keep clothes and toys stored somewhere for your next child, you can still make them feel like they’re getting something special. Old baby clothes are easily freshened up with a wash and an iron, and then hung up in the wardrobe; and toys can be wrapped up in a bit of tissue paper like a present – they’ll seem as good as new!


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