Sore breasts


What makes your breasts feel so sore?

Just like many of the things that come with pregnancy, sensitive, sore breasts are caused by your changing hormone levels. That’s why they’re a common complaint during the first trimester. Fortunately, once your body gets used to the increase in hormones that pregnancy brings, they should start to feel less sore. 

Some of the tenderness may be down to your breasts growing bigger quite quickly, too. During your pregnancy you may go up a couple of cup sizes or more as your milk glands develop and your blood supply gradually increases. An ill-fitting bra can also sometimes be the culprit so ensure that yours is the correct size.


Tips for coping with sore breasts

Since many of the reasons for sore breasts are hormonal and linked to your changing size, the best thing you can do to ease the discomfort is wear the right support. A well-fitting bra can really help, and you may find it more comfortable to wear a pregnancy sleep bra during the early stages.

Most larger department stores have a fitting service, where they’ll be happy to measure you and check that whatever you choose fits and supports you properly. Breast changes occur during pregnancy so you may need to invest in a bigger size a bit later on.

Another thing to remember is that your boobs will need even more support during exercise so if you can, try to invest in an exercise bra that fits you really well, too.

And don’t forget to tell your partner that you’re feeling sensitive in that area so they’re aware you may not want to be touched there for the time being.

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