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Pregnancy breakfast recipes and ideas

You’ve probably heard that eating breakfast is really important, and it’s true. 

Whilst you don’t need to follow a specific diet during your pregnancy unless advised to do so by your doctor, eating a healthy and balanced diet is essential when it comes to getting the vitamins and minerals that you and your growing baby need. And that includes a healthy pregnancy breakfast.

Here we’re taking a look at some tasty, easy and healthy pregnancy breakfast recipes, and why breakfast is important during your pregnancy. 


If you’re struggling for inspiration when it comes to pregnancy breakfasts that will give you the get-up-and-go you’re after, then you’re in the right place.

Below you’ll find some delicious and nutritious pregnancy breakfast ideas that will provide you and your baby with the nutrition you need to get your day off to a great start.

Some of our recipes are super simple, and are perfect for busy days when you’re at work or on the go. You’ll also find some more indulgent options, ideal for preparing, eating and putting your feet up at the weekend or on the days you have a little more time to yourself.

To make things even easier, we’ve created a handy meal planner complete with recipe suggestions and plenty of room to add your own ideas.

Banana bowl

Blueberry and banana smoothie

Easy to prepare, full of flavour and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, smoothies are a fantastic breakfast option. You can choose whether to use fresh fruit or keep your freezer well stocked with your frozen favourites, which have the added bonus of lasting longer.

Here's our blueberry and banana smoothie to get you started.

Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs

A quintessential breakfast classic, scrambled eggs are a great choice when it comes to breakfast. That’s because eggs are full of protein and various other vitamins and minerals1.

Remember that during your pregnancy, it’s best to choose British Lion hen eggs, which you can identify by looking for the lion stamp, and hen eggs produced under the Laid in Britain scheme. This is because they’re less likely to contain salmonella2.

Here's our scrambled eggs recipe to get you started.


Breakfast burrito

For a Mexican twist on eggs for breakfast, why not try a delicious pregnancy breakfast burrito? Packed with a range of different nutrients, this is a tasty addition to your weekend breakfast routine. We’re sure your family will love it too!

Here's our breakfast burrito recipe to get you started.

Other ideas

If you’d prefer something simple, there are lots of other pregnancy breakfast ideas for you to choose from.


Whether you opt for natural or Greek yoghurt, or a dairy-free alternative, yoghurt is a great source of calcium and protein.

All you need to do is top your yoghurt of choice with fresh or tinned (in juice) fruit for a super-quick healthy breakfast. You could even add a handful of granola for an extra crunchy treat - just be sure to check the sugar content.


Breakfast cereals can be a great breakfast choice during pregnancy, as long as they’re low in fat and sugar.

It’s best to choose cereals that are high in fibre3, such as Bran Flakes, Weetabix, Shredded Wheat and All Bran, and to use semi-skimmed milk. For an added nutrient boost, try adding a handful of fresh fruit.

Why is breakfast important during pregnancy?

Breakfast is an important part of any healthy diet, not just during your pregnancy.

When you wake up after a long (and hopefully peaceful) night’s sleep, your body’s energy levels are low4. As such, you’ll probably be ready for a much-needed boost of energy to give your body the fuel it needs to function effectively.

If you’re regularly missing breakfast, you may well find that you’re tempted to snack on things that are high in fat and sugar between meals4, which will only provide a short burst of energy rather than the slow release energy you need to fuel your day.

However, some people find it difficult to eat as soon as they get out of bed, and you may find that this is heightened during pregnancy. If this sounds familiar, try starting the day with a small breakfast portion and allow your appetite to increase gradually.

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, eating breakfast in early pregnancy might feel like a struggle. Again, try eating small portions, and stick to things such as dry wholemeal toast or crackers, which will provide you with some energy but won’t be too hard on your stomach.

What is a healthy breakfast for pregnancy?

  • As long as your breakfast is high in fibre and low in sugar, salt and fat, you’re onto a good start for a healthy wake up call. Healthy breakfast ingredients include:
  • Wholegrain cereals
  • Semi-skimmed milks
  • Fresh, frozen or tinned (in juice) fruit
  • Eggs

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